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Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle
Royal Canadian Air Force

Woodlands St Mary

March 1942

I have not as yet been able to determine the exact circumstance surrounding this accident, or the precise date of the crash. If any reader can help in any way please contact me at The information I do have has been extracted from the war diary of the 82nd Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery.

At 18:08 hours an aircraft crashed near Holt Copse, about half-a-mile south of MPF04 searchlight post, which was sighted north of Ermin Street near Woodlands St Mary village hall (wartime grid ref: U784 951). The site was manned by men from 525 Battery, 82nd Searchlight Regiment and Gunner Loosley dragged the body of a Canadian Pilot Officer from the burning plane before the flames reached him. Another member of the crew was seen inside the aircraft but he was dead and his body could not be rescued owing to the fire.

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