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Junkers Ju-188E-1, 3E+AF (10007), Erpr/KG6

Walbury Hill Camp, Combe

1st November 1943

This German bomber was attacked by a Mosquito from 29 Squadron crewed by Flight Lieutenant S. F. Hodsman and Warrant Officer A. F. Monger. The German pilot and at least one other member of his crew had been killed by machine gun fire from the Mosquito. At about 6:30pm, after flying low over cottages in the village of West Woodhay, it struck Walbury Hill about 100 feet from the top. After uprooting two trees it bounced four times along the ground and broke into many pieces, which were spread over an area of about half-a-mile. All four members of the bomber's crew were killed and at least two of the bodies were taken to Hungerford and placed in the mortuary of the town's psychiatric hospital.

Crew details
Obelt. H. Schmid
Oberfw. B. Krupp
St. Fw. E. Zuch

Uffz. J. Koidl

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